Earth House Stage 4 -Invitation(English)

Building the House BrickLaying WorkHolidayArtists, People of the Neighborhood, & Old Masters gathered together and started an OpenArtProject of Making an Earth House. If you did not have a chance to join the mud playing, brick making, rock stacking fun, then don’t miss this amazing work holiday. Experience the traditional house building method, working with people and using natural resources, enjoy the outdoor cooking with wild vegetables, and learn the wisdom of the past.

【工作日期Project Dates】August 21(Sat)~Decenber 31(Fri)[Closed Tue&Thu]
【工作對象Qualification】12 years old and up
A. five or more persons (excluding children) can actually learn wall building .
B. Under five persons, the following depending on the cover of the housing schedule other clay learning work. Such as soil brick-making, and so on.
【工作地點Location】Artist Army Camp, Shiluo, Taiwan (about 10 seconds walking distance from Shiluo Bridge) map here
【參加費用Joining Fee】Free donation
【報名須知Registration Information】
1. Please register 1 week before intended arrival dates. Registration is complete upon receipt of confirmation. (Game organizer will send out the complete game rules.)
3. Email Registration, hearthhouse2009@hotmail.com, subject “2010 Earth House Brick Stacking Work Holiday”
4. Please contact: Mr.Lee +886-937759234
5. Related Website Link :
大地之屋部落格Earth House Website http://nestdream2008.blogspot.com/
【注意事項Important Notice】
1. Please wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, hats. Watch out for lovely mosquitoes.
2. Almost all work will be done outdoors. Please consider carefully.
3. Work Holiday will continue on rainy days. If there are severe storms or special circumstances, organizer will notify players by phone or text message.
4. The camp has simple facilities for over night stay. Please bring a sleeping bag.
5. There is no insurance. Please be safe.
6. Please bring bowls, chopsticks, spoons, water bottle.

報名表Registration Form
2010 Earth House Brick Stacking Work Holiday
2.姓 別Gender________
3.年 齡Age________
5.手 機Mobile________________
6.電 話Telephone_____________
8.類 別Specify
□ A total numbers _____ □ B total numbers_____
9.類似蓋土埆厝經驗Any Earth House Experience?
□ 無 None
□ 有 Yes
時間地點Date, Place:___________________
Cultural Tour
□ 是 Yes
□ 否 No
11.飲 食Food
□ 純素 Vegetarian
12.其他建議Other Suggestions____________________________-